5 Steps To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Every morning is a beautiful morning

Most of us want a fresh start. However the gravity turned out to be so high in the morning that we are unable to lift our lazy ass from the smooth bed. Everyday we set up the alarm just to keep on snoozing it every time till it ticks close to our office timings. Well nothing to be ashamed of here.  I have been there sometime back. People ask me lot of times what makes me to wake up as early as 5:00 am when my daily go to bed routine is around 1:00 am.  There is no magic involved in it. Just follow these 5 steps to wake up early in the morning, religiously for the next 21 days without break and you are there.

Prepare yourself mentally

Why do you want to wake up early? What are you going to achieve if you started waking up early? How it will impact your life for the better? Ask these three questions to yourself before you decide to wake up early next morning. Having a strong reason and a task to perform will be the driving force behind you waking up early. If the answers to these questions are still not clear, you might start well but your regime will collapse in the middle and end forever. In my case I wake up early because my dream is to build a fit and healthy body just like a fitness model, This reason is strong enough to drive me out of bed and walk 3 kms to reach the gym and workout in the morning. It’s not possible for me to do it any other time of the day. That’s my reason what’s yours?

Set an alarm 15 minutes in advance

Always set the alarm before your actual activity. If you decide to wake up at 6:00 am set up an alarm at 5:45 am. This will give you an extra push to wake up early before your scheduled time and help you break your regular sleeping pattern. Do not put alarm beyond 30 minutes advance as it won’t be helpful.

 Let your kitchen wake up with you

Just after you wake up, put something on your kitchen burner. For example milk, eggs to boil or just heating water. Even when you are feeling drowsy and wants to sleep. You will remember that something in the kitchen needs your attention. It will act as a wake up catalyst.

Drink a glass of water

After getting up from bed immediately grab a glass of drinking water. It’s a known fact that drinking water early in the morning helps you activate your internal body organs faster than anything else. When your body is active from inside you will get active outside.

Own a pet

If you love being around animals, this will be the most interesting solution for you. Having a  dog, cat or any animal as pet will definitely change your sleeping pattern for the good. Apart from giving you unconditional love these pets will wake you up even if you try hard to resist.
They need morning fresh air and love to be outside the home before the dawn. Of course owning a pet has its own set of responsibilities but it’s worth the efforts.