50+ Women And Conditions They Encounter

Processes in body during woman menopause stage

When we age different processes in our body act differently, and they don’t fill up to their potential, women encounter pains and health issues they haven’t been accustomed to, especially when they turn 50. All these processes are especially pronounced when the women hit the menopause stage.

The good news is that through regular physical activity and healthy diet they can prevent the risk of many serious conditions and the most important if they sense any changes, they should visit a doctor immediately.

The type of illness they may develop

High blood pressure – for the first 50 years your heart works like a clock, but once you enter the menopause stage, estrogen will start to fall. For the consequence, that has the decrease of good cholesterol and the increase of the bad one. Because of the changes in cholesterol, occurs problems with blood pressure.

Overweight – menopause brings series of changes in metabolism which effects on weight. Women will start to gain weight in the area of the belly. That excess of weight is connected with diabetes and cancer, so it’s important to control your weight once you turn 50.
Osteoporosis – this is a degenerative illness of peripheral joints. The cartilage in the joints starts slowly to disappear and the end process is that bones stay connected without a cartilage. More often women suffer from osteoporosis, but the illness appears to each gender in knees and hips.
Illness of the gums – the chances that women will suffer from the illness of the gums are much larger when they turn fifty. Symptoms are bad breath, which will be hard to get rid of, sensitive and bleeding gums. If you don’t pay attention to this problem, it is likely that you will lose your teeth. Additional research indicates that regular visit to the dentist will prevent other serious conditions, such as heart attack.

Can you prevent these illnesses?

Every person is responsible for the shape of its body and you devote attention to your body during younger days, you won’t have any serious issues while you are aging. Some of these illnesses cannot be prevented because they may have been inherited. But, if you already developed some chronical disease, the best solution would be to act according to the advice your doctor gave you and spend as much time as you can in nature, soaking in the fresh air and eating healthy ingredients.

How to ease these illnesses?

Every type of illness carries its risks and it’s hard on its way, there are so many ways to ease them, and one of them are regular exercises and healthy diet. Surround yourself with people who will give you positive energy, go to field trips or camping, spend time in nature, get a pet.
Pets have shown to be an excellent therapy in the treatments; they will always cheer you up and you will never feel alone, even when your friend and relatives are far away.