Various Types of Massage Therapy and their Benefits

There are various types of massage. If you want to try therapy, you should research different methods to find out the right one for you. The following are some types of massage therapy you should know:

Amatsu Massage

This type of therapy targets the physical tensions and build-up of emotional tensions in the body. Thus, if you were involved in accidents in the past, this is the right massage therapy for you. In this case, amatsu therapists use various massage techniques to re-balance your body. This helps you to cope better with different difficulties you face in life – both physically and emotionally.

Chinese Massage

This type of massage incorporates a wide range of techniques. It has some similarities with acupuncture. It includes soft tissue manipulation and rhythmic strokes that deep and penetrating. The main aim of this type of massage is to stimulate the body.

Deep Lymphatic Therapy

This is an important technique that helps release areas of built-up fluid in the body and treats a wide range of ailments, which are associated with lymphatic system. This therapy is carried out on every part of the body to release the required fluid.

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique helps to realign deep layers of tissues and connective muscles to relieve pain and also restore natural movement. It can be used to treat chronic pains and aches and tension in the back, shoulders, and the neck. This type of massage helps break adhesions through the application of slow, pressurized movements with finger pressure and deep strokes.

Infant Massage

This refers to rhythmic hand movements and gentle strokes to the baby’s body. This therapy is meant to strengthen the parent-baby bond. In fact, it helps the babies to feel loved and secure. It also promotes better sleep, eases emotional stress, and relieve discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage

It involves using hot stones placed on your body to treat various health concerns. The stones are placed along spine, stomach, and other different parts of the body. When a stone starts to cool, it is replaced by another. This is type of massage therapy is quite popular.

Swedish Massage

This technique helps increase the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. In this way, it rejuvenates the body. Moreover, it contributes to detoxification process and flushes out uric acid, lactic acid, and other body wastes from the tissue.