Cure Yourself While Sleeping

Cure Yourself While Sleeping

Heal while sleep – Inclined bed therapy

Inclined bed therapy, as it is called, is a free, simple and very efficient treatment which brings numerous benefits for the health on the longer run. People who used this treatment testify about its positive effects on the health and quality life. IBT therapy has a simple principle, the key thing is to lift your upper side of the bed for about 6 inches, you will get the slope of lying surface under the angle of five degrees.

Better circulation and detoxification

It has been discovered that this method has been used in ancient Egypt, five thousand years ago. The beds of the pharaohs and the slaves have been found in the exact position.

IBT therapy for better circulation and detoxification

The benefits of sleeping in this position are numerous, but the most important are better circulation and detoxification. Gravitation plays a big part in this position of the body; it accelerates the flow of body fluids which leads to regeneration and recovery of the cells. Due to sleep in the elevated position, body warms quickly which contributes to intensified sweating and detoxification of the body.

IBT therapy solves problems with snoring

This is a serious disorder of breathing which appears during the sleep. It is followed by the short periods of stopped breathing. Snoring appears during the sleep when a person is sleeping flat on the back. In that position the muscles of the jaw and the pharynx are loose, the throat narrows and the tongue falls back, the final result is snoring. Experts agree that sleeping in the elevated position can be the efficient solution for the snoring; it prevents the release of the tongue, palate, and uvula backward and it allows better breathing.

IBT therapy helps with diabetes

Conducted research came to the conclusion that this therapy may be efficient in reduction of blood sugar. Positive results are noticed with the patients who followed this therapy for the eight weeks, but in some cases, this had to be prolonged up to six months. IBT therapy with the combination of appropriate medicines and healthy way of life can significantly put to ease problems with diabetes.

IBT therapy reduces the frequency of the nighttime urination

The elevated position of sleeping efficiently solves problems of frequent nighttime urination. This position warms our body and increases the evaporation from the skin and respiratory, decreasing the amount of the urine that our body produces during the night.

IBT therapy slows down the aging

The inventor of this methods claims with certainty that traditional way of sleeping is one of the causes why we are aging so early. So far this method has been called the fountain of youth because the gravitation plays the important role and slows down the destruction of the cells and with that the aging.
While we sleep in the elevated position, we will experience in the much lesser amount the swelling around our eyes, the skin will become firmer and tightened, which contributes to our younger look. We have the evidence from the NASA, where they published that astronauts age ten time more in the space, due to the lack of gravitation.