Did you know that sex has a lot of health benefits?

Did you know that sex has a lot of health benefits? Yes you do and that is why you can never have enough of it. Or you do not and that is why you rarely get beneath the sheets. No offense if you are the latter or the former.

Whatever you know, sex has surprising healthy benefits. So you had better know them so that you can find ways to spike your libido and keep the rounds coming. And not just any health benefits; these ones have been backed by scientific studies.

Improved sleep

Right after the act, do not be surprised if you both doze off only to wake up more refreshed. Sex has been known to improve on your sleep quality. And not only that, you will fall asleep fast. For those who struggle to get a wink of sleep, you could save yourself with sex. It is like a sweet way for you to get back your baby-like sleeping days.

Fights stress

2Just like some sweet treats, sex has been found to be a good way to fight stress. If you are always stressed, and you cannot control it, sex could be a great way to get on top of your situation. While doing sex, the brain is treated to pleasures and you end up being relaxed. Happy and relaxing hormones end up being released thus dealing a blow to any stressing issues in your mind.

Boost fertility

For men who love sex, this is like music to their ears. Regular sex is good for your fertility. Regular ejaculation has been known to improve the quality of your sperms. For anyone trying to have a baby, it is best you keep your sperms fresh. Besides, regular sex has been known to help balance women hormones hence improving the chances for conceiving.

Improves your heart health

A study done at Queen’s University Belfast has established a good relation between heart health and sex. It discovered that having sex three times a week will greatly improve the condition of your heart.
This cannot be farther from the truth since sex helps with blood flow hence keeping your heart active and healthy.

Improved immunity

In a recent study on immunity, it has been discovered that sex is of great help. Those who have sex at least twice a week have a higher concentration of immunoglobulin in their saliva than those who have sex once or less in a week. Immunoglobulin is the first line of defense to illnesses and having it in plenty will ensure that you do not easily fall sick.

Glowing skin

3The glow in your skin after sex is not your imagination. It is as a result of reduced stress, better mood and flushed toxins from your skin every time you have sex. Now you know one secret to the healthy and glowing skin. Sex could be the way to beat that rough skin you have.

If you have never been serious with your beneath-the-sheets action, you had better be. You are missing out so many benefits. It is time you and your partner take it seriously with your sex activity.