How to Deal with Mold and Mycotoxins Infections

If you are experiencing hormone imbalances, insomnia, night sweats, and even gastrointestinal issues, that could be an indication that you could be suffering from mold and mycotoxins. Sometimes, people do not realize that such symptoms have a root cause, and if they consult with the right health professionals, they will quickly get over them. Kim Crawford MD are experts in helping people who may have had exposure to toxic molds. It is, however, good to understand that whenever you have such symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from molds and mycotoxins.

Controlling Molds

molds on the wallsOnce you have discovered that your mold could be the cause of the challenges you are experiencing, the noblest action to take is to control the condition. As long as you live in an environment where molds are the order of the day, the chances are that you will end up with the infections. There are several ways that you can embrace to help control the growth of molds.

One such step is ensuring that you reduce the amount of moisture in your home as much as you can. Once the moisture level in your home goes down, the level of mold is likely to go down as well. Installing dehumidifiers and air conditions in your home is of the best ways of reducing moisture. Remember that cleaning off the molds without getting rid of the moisture is less likely to help because the molds will come back.

The Treatment

Research shows that about 25% of people who get exposed to molds get infected. Therefore, it is unlikely that most of the people staying in a home infested with molds will get affected. However, if you feel the symptoms that your doctor may not diagnose, it does not mean that you are okay. It means you need the attention of a health professional to get the problem behind you once and for all. It is good to remember that some people may want you to hire them because they want your money. Therefore, it is good to go for reputable health professionals such as Kim Crawford MD.


They say that prevention is better than cure. Moreover, no one wants to spend money looking for health professionals to help them overcome their health conditions. Therefore, it is vital to do everything at your disposal to prevent such situations from happening. Besides getting rid of molds, ensuring that you put a proper mechanism to avoid moist conditions is the best way to go. For instance, you should ensure that you get rid of porous materials such as wallboard, insulation, or carpets that show signs of mold. Also, getting in touch with a professional for further advice will be a wise decision.