Is surgery the best solution to a loose vagina?

Are you getting desperate because you feel like you have already lost the youthfulness of your lady part due to aging and childbearing? Just so you know, you are not the only one in this boat. Thousands of other women all around the world have low self-esteem because of a slack pussy. Some of them are suffering from several infections while some are emotionally tortured because their condition seems to has become a threat to their relationship with their partners.

But you should cheer up because there are many ways to restore the tightness of your vulva.

The best vagina tightening method

A lot of women are asking, how to make a vagina tight? To answer this question, you should be aware that there are two major ways to solve the problem. You can either undergo a vaginoplasty, or you can also utilize natural tightening methods. But what is really the best solution to a loose vagina? Would it be better to go for a surgery and achieve quick results, or be patient and settle for the non-surgical ways?

To help you out in selecting the best solution to a loose vagina, take a look at the following.


First of all, let us consider the advantages of vaginoplasty. Yes, this type of surgery can definitely provide you with quick results. You can already feel the tightness of your vulva right after the procedure. However, there are several downsides to this. You need to have thousands of dollars in your hands before you can even consider this method. After the operation, it may also take quite a while for you to recover, not to mention that some complications may occur during the process. Furthermore, you will have to redo the procedure in case you give birth again.

Non-surgical methods

ggsa633433When it comes to vagina tightening methods that do not involve going under the knife, you have several options. You can do Kegel exercises regularly, use herbal remedies like Aloe Vera, or you can also apply creams or gel. You will hear a huge number of females saying that the latter is so far the best solution to a loose vagina. Aside from it is a lot cheaper than surgery, it also doesn’t have harmful side effects as most of the creams that you can purchase are made from all natural ingredients.

So, what do you think is the best solution to a loose vagina? Would you go for surgery or a non-surgical treatment?